Hyperlocal Marketing - now available for your club and community

Newsletters... Members generally don’t read them. The staff spends a lot of time putting them together. Why? Because when a member complains that they didn’t know about an event the staff member can say “Didn’t you read our newsletter?"

It’s hard to get relevant information to the relevant people at a relevant time. There are a couple of problems with the traditional member newsletter. First, there’s too much information - it’s overload for most people so they ignore the whole thing. Second, only 15-20% of the newsletter might pertain to any given member. Over time, members learn to ignore more and more of the newsletter until they ultimately give it a quick glance to see if anything sticks out to them.

Now there’s a better way.

GroupValet offers multiple ways to target marketing to your members in a way that’s appealing, simple to use and produces higher awareness. We offer a Personalized Dashboard, Internal Ad Campaigns, and Targeted Notifications.

Personalized Dashboard

When your members log into GroupValet, they see a Dashboard of all their upcoming activities, based on the groups they are in. Intermixed with their weekly golf game or monthly book club are the events your staff created. It’s a high profile location for your events right where your members are already looking.

Internal Ad Campaigns

With GroupValet your members receive automated signup emails for all their activities (golf, tennis, book clubs, committee meetings, cards, etc). The members open and interact with these emails because they want to participate in their groups with other members. At the top of these emails is a space for a banner ad. You can use this space to promote anything you want your members to see. If you have an upcoming Golf Demo Day, you can put a banner ad just in the emails signing people up for golf activities. Talk about hitting your target demographic! The campaigns can be set to run for any period of time and to any type of activity. Plus, if you have your advertised event set up in GroupValet, the ad can link your members directly to the signup for the event.

Targeted Notifications

Do your flyers say “Contact the shop to sign up"? That’s a lot of time the shop staff needs to spend fielding phone calls and emails. Wouldn’t it be better if your flyers said “Click Here to sign up"? With GroupValet you can set up notifications to be sent to your members, or just to a specific segment. The segments can be based on gender, group membership, or types of activities the members participate in. If you want to promote the upcoming Tennis Round Robin, why not send a flyer to all members in tennis groups? Have an author coming to speak at the clubhouse? Then send a special message to members of book clubs.

With our unique offerings GroupValet offers you the best way to reach your members in a format your members will use. 90% of groups add more members within the first month of using GroupValet. More group members not only means more reach for your messaging, but it also translates into more engagement all around. Plus having members sign up online means less time behind the desk for your staff and more time interacting with members.

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