The 3 Pillars of Member Engagement

Member Engagement is maximized by mastering these three objectives:
     1. Increase Awareness
     2. Drive Participation
     3. Delight Your Members

First, members must be aware of everything going on that is of interest to them. Newsletters and monthly calendars don't suffice anymore. Your members expect a personalized view of your activities and events geared toward their own interests. The key to effective communication is getting the right message to the right person at the right time. GroupValet can automate that for you.

Next, your members need to participate. Of course, they will only participate in activities that interest them. Don't rely only on the activities you set up, let your members create their own groups and activities and watch overall participation grow!

You'll see the delight on their faces as more members participate in more kinds of activities. Let GroupValet help turn your club or neighborhood into a more active community.

Use Engagement Marketing to get more eyes on your important messages

With GroupValet, your team can leverage the automated engagement tools your members use in order to market upcoming events and important messages. Best of all, it's highly effective and simple!

Imagine there are some member-run golf groups using GroupValet to manage their weekly games. The members receive automated notices each week to sign up for their games. As you might guess, these notices have a very high open rate because the members expect to receive them each week and they want to play in their games.

Now imagine your banner ad for an upcoming Member-Guest Tournament, or Community Meeting, at the top of these notices. Even better is that the ad can link members directly to the signup for your activity. With GroupValet, you can use our technology to get your message to the right person at the right time.

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